Live Live Cinema

A conversation between film, theatre, live music and sound design.
Where will you look?

Created and composed by Leon Radojkovic

Directed by Oliver Driver

Produced by Jumpboard Productions

A cinematic happening unlike anything you will have experienced before.

Herk Harvey’s stunning black and white cult classic Carnival of Souls and Dementia 13 from legendary Francis Ford Coppola are both gems of gothic horror, stylishly crafted on a shoestring budget.

New Zealand’s leading musical maverick Leon Radojkovic and his crew of musicians and actors – including a lone courageous Foley artist recreating every sound effect – bring back the films to life on stage. Experience brand new live soundtracks with the original film, in what promises to be a unique and vibrant ‘live live’ cinematic experience.

“Live” cinema is a common fixture of arts festivals, generally consisting of a small musical ensemble performing an original score to a pre-existing (and generally silent) film.

Live Live Cinema takes the concept of live cinema further. Rather than simply having an ensemble perform a new score to a silent film, a sound film is shown and all audio is produced live.

  • All music is performed live by a specially created ensemble
  • All dialogue is performed live by a group of actors playing multiple roles
  • All soundFX/foley is produced live, using a combination of mechanical and digital sound design

The result is an immersive audio/visual environment, an integrated conversation between cinema, theatre, music and sound design, and a unique and vibrant “live live” cinematic experience.

Carnival of Souls itself is an ideal choice for this treatment as one of the films key strengths is simply how it looks. The first and last feature by Kansas based industrial film-makers Herk Harvey and John Clifford, itis a deeply atmospheric and beautifully shot “horror” film; blurring levels of reality and existence, the film explores the dark underbelly of small-town life, and creates a world where the familiar and everyday becomes alien and threatening.

Dementia 13 is Francis Ford Coppola’s groundbreaking feature. As an eccentric Irish family bickers over a vast inheritance in a lonely mansion, a mysterious axe murderer picks them off one by one. The film rises above the material by virtue of Coppola’s clever editing and obvious flair for composition.

Roger Corman’s Little Shop of Horrors sees Live Live Cinema attempt the impossible. Combining the skills of just 4 performers who simultaneously deliver live music, dialogue and Foley. This is a crazy ride. Hang on tight.

Radojkovic has a remarkable ability to shift meaning through music, to underline mood and atmosphere and occasionally affect absolute fear into an audience. The end result is a dazzling sophisticated production celebrating film, music and live performance. Where will you look?

“All due credit to Jumpboard productions for bringing the project to reality.” – Theatreview

The West Australian
“The soundtrack, effects and live dialogue is impeccable.”

NZ Herald

Radio New Zealand
“The hit of the festival”

The National Business Review
“Totally engaging and entertaining”

Taranaki Daily News

 Composer Leon Radojkovic on bringing movies to life